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Payment Processing: Highly Regulated and Constantly Changing

Posted by Kimber McCafferty on Sep 22, 2016 1:00:00 AM

The PCI Security Standards Council has made compliance fairly easy by dividing it into four basic levels. Figuring out where you fit in isn’t difficult either.

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Security Showdown EMV vs. P2PE vs. Tokenization

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Sep 15, 2016 6:10:00 AM

There continues to be confusion regarding the important differences between the latest in credit card data security EMV, tokenization and P2PE. The conversation about data security has only intensified since the famous data breaches at retailers like Target, Neiman Marcus and others. And while these may have been the most newsworthy due to their scale they certainly weren’t the only ones. Small to medium-sized merchants experience a lot of fraud and data security breaches as well which is why embracing these latest technologies to protect yourself from the liability shift to you – the merchant – for instances of fraud, is more critical than ever. Statistics show that in the first quarter of 2014, there were nearly 200 million records stolen, which equates to 93 records every hour between January and March.

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FACD's 'Clear For Take Off'

Posted by Kimber McCafferty on Sep 7, 2016 2:55:56 PM

FACD was founded to support the following fundamental goals for member dentists and their patients:

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Your Guide to EHR Incentive Payouts

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Aug 31, 2016 12:35:55 PM

If you’re a dental professional today you may have heard rumblings about ‘EHR’ payments but may not really understand what it is, how it came about and most importantly how you qualify to get paid! Well here’s your easy, fast guide on everything about the EHR incentive program that you need to know. Don’t leave $21,250 on the table – cash in now!

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Invest in the Patient Connection

Posted by Kimber McCafferty on Aug 25, 2016 8:03:20 AM

Building patient rapport is critical when trying to create positive case management outcomes. And believe it or not, active listening and positive body language don’t go unnoticed and according to research do make up a large part of communication. Studies have shown that 6% of communication is through words, 38% is through tone of voice and 55% is through body language. When you give your patient the opportunity to talk, you will often learn much more about their health. Patients and their families must be included as part of your team for effective collaboration results when we talk about best care options and case management outcomes. When a nurse asks questions, “takes a look inside,” listens and learns a patient then begins to feel as if their best interests are being taken to heart. It is vital to remember that the patient is a whole person and not just the sum of their conditions. 

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The Power of Making Check-Up Calls to Book New Appointments

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Aug 17, 2016 6:00:00 AM

If your appointment log has gaps having your nurses and/or receptionist make check-up or check-in calls to patients during lag time can add up to big business. Whether you’re a new dentist or physician in the area trying to get busier or an established practice with some patients who have wondered away or failed to book follow-up appointments these follow-up calling strategies will really help fill the appointment book and build rapport with patients that can go a long way to getting new referrals too.

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Upselling services seals the deal!

Posted by Kimber McCafferty on Aug 10, 2016 3:52:47 PM

Did you know that you could actually increase consumer and/or patient happiness, retention and revenue by using upselling as part of your sales approach? In fact, as many people still consider upselling a dirty word that only those looking to line their pockets lean on to close a “bigger deal,” the truth is that cross-selling, often confused with upselling, is more than acceptable.

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Topics: consumer happiness, lower churn, increase revenue, happy patients, repeat business, upselling, cross-selling, return customers, patient retention

The Doc Debt Dilemma

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Aug 3, 2016 5:00:00 AM

Most doctors, veterinarians and dentists graduate college with debt. That’s a given. But the amount of debt that’s coming to light in recent months is staggering. Figures release by the American Veterinary Medical Association revealed that in the 2015 graduating class of about 3,000 veterinary students the mean education debt load was a whopping $174,060 and 223 students owed more than $300,000. With the average starting veterinarian salary coming in around $71,000 that debt to income ratio can seem somewhat insurmountable.

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Forward Booked Appointments Account for Additional Revenue

Posted by Kimber McCafferty on Jul 20, 2016 1:00:00 AM

Dental professionals more than anyone reign in the field of forward booking and it’s their bottom-line that’s feeling the ‘positive’ affect. Dental offices alike use the angle of “proactively managing the health of your teeth” as the hook line and sinker, to get patients back in their chair… and guess what, it’s working! As dentists look at their production per hour, treatment presented vs. treatment accepted, the number of patients seen each day and the number of new-patient phone inquiries compared to appointments set, you can easily see why forward booking just fits.

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3 Simple Strategies to Reduce Customer Complaints and Chargebacks

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Jul 13, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Credit card chargebacks are a headache for everyone involved- the merchant, the processor and the acquiring bank because the whole process has to be reversed and that costs money. To avoid getting hit with chargeback fees there are a few tactics merchants can employ to ensure customers are fully happy before they swipe to begin with. Setting up expectations on the front end saves a lot of money and hassle on the back end and lowering your overhead is the name of the game here at Singular Payments.

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