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Make Bonuses a Breeze with Akimbo Card

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Oct 11, 2017 9:24:07 AM

Employers are always on the lookout for great ways to keep employees happy. And what better way than with cash – but served up in a faster, more reliable and easier way. Enter the Akimbo Card - a Mastercard® incentive award card. The Akimbo Card can be used through Apple Pay with simple tap-to-pay functionality or employees can also get a traditional plastic card for in-store purchases. This option provides employers a way to reward workers and pay out bonuses anytime without the expense and hassle of running an extra payroll.

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6 Small Business Finance Tips to Live By

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Sep 27, 2017 8:02:00 AM

Running a business is more than servicing your patients or customers. Business owner-entrepreneurs must handle all aspects including cash flow, growth, bookkeeping, credit and more. And even if you’ve hired the best of the best to do the day-to-day business finance tasks, business owners must be engaged and active in managing these critical aspects so that when you decide to grow, sell, or retire you can. Here are six important business finance tips to live by that will ensure your profitability and longevity in whatever field you’re in.


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Is Your Business Ready for a Hurricane or Natural Disaster?

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Sep 14, 2017 9:50:29 AM

Our St. Augustine, FL office was impacted by Hurricane Irma earlier this week, so we felt it was both timely and important to discuss disaster planning for your business. Having a detailed plan and reviewing your insurance coverages, outage plans to continue offering services and meeting the needs of your patients/customers, and supporting employees who are also affected, are important areas to address to quickly bounce back after a natural disaster.

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Topics: disaster recovery, disaster planning, business continuity planning, business insurance coverage

Payfac in a is Live!

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Sep 6, 2017 7:07:00 AM

After months of planning and development we are excited to share that the website for Payfac in a Box is now live! The streamlined layout showcases how simple customizing a full circle payments integration into software can be. The site also includes links to our mobile SDKs, developers portal and the full API code as well as details for how Payfac in a Box can meet the needs of a variety of business types.

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Topics: payments integrations, bill presentment and payment, payfac in a box, payfac, payment faciliator, automated onboarding, custom payments integration, onboard thousands of merchants, software developers

It’s Time to Grow | Tips on Financing Your Business Expansion

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Aug 30, 2017 9:52:04 AM

As a small business owner, are you capitalizing on growth in your market? Technology advances are pushing industries forward, providing expanded opportunities to larger patient populations. Would adding additional locations add value and convenience to your patients/customers? Growing your business can be done in numerous ways. It can mean increasing office/location visibility through a more favorable or additional location. Or, it can also mean adding space to your current location, which allows for increased capacity to provide a wider range of services. But how do you know if your business is ready to grow? And once you know, how do you get started?

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Topics: building a business, easy to qualify small business loans, working capital, small business loans, small business line of credit, business blog, business expansion, ondeck

Charge Forward Without Chargebacks

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Aug 2, 2017 6:02:00 AM

For merchants in every line of business, chargebacks are an annoying inconvenience and part of the responsibilities of accepting electronic payments. But, if you understand the types of chargebacks, how to dispute them appropriately, and how to avoid them to begin with, you can lower your risk for chargebacks and the burden of the associated fees they incur.

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Topics: chargebacks, merchant education, dispute chargebacks, chargeback help for merchants, chargeback tips, merchant chargeback fees, merchant tips, merchant news

Think You’re Credit Savvy? Take Our Business Credit Quiz and Find Out!

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Jul 19, 2017 8:22:00 AM

Put your credit knowledge to the test business owner. Before you expand your business, take this quick quiz to find out if you’re really ready to take on more debt. Find out if you're managing your businesses' credit in the best ways and learn some simple tricks to get your FICO score even higher to save more money on loans, insurance premiums, office leases, credit cards and more. Our quick 10-question business credit quiz will help you find out how credit savvy you really are! 

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Topics: business blog, business tips, merchant support, merchant education, business credit, credit quiz, business credit quiz

MasterCard® '2' Series BIN Numbers 101

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Jul 5, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Last week we sent out notifications to all our merchants about a required terminal software update to ensure all terminals moving forward can accept MasterCard’s® new series of cards that start with a ‘2’ BIN (Bank Identification Number). MasterCard® has announced that it is creating a new BIN (Bank Identification Number) range for MasterCard®, which will effectively double the number of available MasterCard® credit cards worldwide. This will enable growth in card products as well as accommodate the need for new card numbers made necessary for card brand payment tokens when cardholders load a payment card into a digital wallet on their personal digital device (e.g., mobile phone, tablet, etc.).

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Topics: New 2 BIN Series, MasterCard 2 BIN, New MasterCard Numbers

Cut the Paper - Keep the Cash

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Jun 21, 2017 9:09:20 AM


Free money. That’s what everyone is dreaming of right? The ability to add a revenue stream to their business without any extra hassle, expense or risk. Well, the easiest way for ISVs or software developers to do just that is by integrating a payments platform like our Payfac in a Box™ solution. Not only can merchants process electronic payments through the solution but you can use our APIs from the Singular BillPAY side of the platform to also integrate their bill presentment and payment operations from customers into it, therefore saving them time and money on no longer mailing invoices or chasing down past due accounts. It’s a major win-win for you, the software company and your merchant users. And of course, the best part of the software platform is that they get a revenue share on all the transactions processed! We make payments software integrations easy. Read on to learn more. 

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Topics: electronic bill presentment, electronic bill payment, bill presentment and payment, singular billpay, payments software integration, payfac in a box, integrate payments into software, payfac, payment faciliator, e-invoicing, add a revenue stream

Appointment Booking Frenzy – Summer is the Season!

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Jun 7, 2017 6:03:00 AM

With how hectic our lives all are during the school year summer seems to the THE SEASON for parents to book their kids’ dental, vision, physicals/check-ups and other exams. Make the most of this bustling booking time with these simple tips. Make this summer your busiest season ever!

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