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Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Mar 1, 2017 6:00:00 AM
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BillPAY_graphic_v2-1.jpgSingular Payments has launched an exciting new electronic bill presentment and payment platform we affectionately coined Singular BillPAY, and it’s going to rock your world when it comes to simplifying invoicing and collections.  This customizable billing and collections software is paired with your custom flat rate credit card processing service, to seamlessly accept credit card and electronic check (ACH) payments all within the easy-to-use platform. That is one of the unique advantages this new feature-rich service brings to the table for merchant billers who need to find cost-effective and efficient alternatives to traditional means of distributing invoices and collecting payments.  Read the press release here for more details about the launch.

The days of your office manager or billing department stuffing and mailing are over with Singular BillPAY. Now, merchants can send bills electronically via text, email or by postal service, and can easily collect electronic payments by phone using IVR, through their inbox from email notifications, or directly in the merchants’ custom branded online BillPAY portal. The platform is fully HIPPA and PCI DSS compliant so checking and credit card information are stored securely in a virtual wallet inside individual customer profiles for easy, quick payment of invoices. Merchants can also setup payment plans, schedule recurring payments and view bills online, as well as generate and send invoices, payment alerts and notifications.



With Singular BillPAY You Can Connect2Collect:

  • Send bills electronically via text & email or by snail mail
  • Allow your customers to pay by phone (IVR), through their inbox (email), or in the BillPAY portal
  • Store checking and credit card information securely
  • Setup payment plans, schedule recurring payments and view bills online
  • Send alerts and notifications

The Singular BillPAY platform can be customized to the branding specifications and functionality of each merchant biller. Furthermore, the entire invoicing and collections process can be managed right from inside the portal. Setting up a Singular BillPAY account is simple, and importing bill data is easy! Hands-on support is provided throughout the implementation process to ensure a smooth transition. Request a full demo of the bill pay software today and receive a $10 Starbucks gift card once you’ve completed it.



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