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Simple Merchant fraud avoidance tips

Practice Management System Integrations R Us


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Unique Advantages Small Businesses Can Use to Compete in the Modern Market

Q&A with Payfac in a Box’s™ Architect Ben Kauder

We Couldn’t Say It Better Ourselves

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Spring Bankcard Association Meeting is Upon Us

let your customers do the talking

Payment Data Systems Earns NACHA Third-Party Sender Certification

The Revenue Power of Monthly Residuals

Payments Projects for the New Year

2018 Payments Predictions & Trends

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Scoping Out Your Ideal Payments Integration

Tips to stop fraud and avoid chargebacks this holiday season

Payfac Pete’s Integrated Payment Processing Adventure

Merchant Holiday Prep List

Post Money 2020- Payments Trends and More

Let’s Talk Money 2020

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6 Small Business Finance Tips to Live By

Wrap Up Your Reporting – In a Box

Is Your Business Ready for a Hurricane or Natural Disaster?

Payfac in a is Live!

It’s Time to Grow | Tips on Financing Your Business Expansion

Simplicity & Security – In a Box

Merchant Alert – Erase Erroneous Fees

The Key to Getting Paid - Disbursements

Charge Forward Without Chargebacks

The Critical Question When Considering a Payments Integration

Think You’re Credit Savvy? Take Our Business Credit Quiz and Find Out!

All Aboard – Batch Onboarding in the Payment Facilitator Model

MasterCard® '2' Series BIN Numbers 101

The Future of Payments Automation

Cut the Paper - Keep the Cash

Appointment Booking Frenzy – Summer is the Season!

Introducing the Singular Pay Plugin

Our CardConnect Partnership Enhances Merchant Support

Speed Up Your Cash Flow with EBPP

Yay! It’s CSDA Show Time Again

New Payments Integration with PracticeSuite

A Deeper Look at ‘Payfac in a Box™’

Introducing: Payfac in a Box™

Consolidate Service Providers and Save

Cut Overhead Without Feeling the Pinch

Overcome the Top 7 Medical Industry Business Challenges

5 Reasons Payments Integration is Essential for Software Vendors

Bait & Switch PSA

Work Hard the Smart Way

Singular BillPAY | Get Paid. For Real.

3 Trends That Will Define Payments in 2017

Ways to Make Customers Fall in Love With Your Business

Yes! Service Businesses Can Sell Too

Powered by CardConnect: It's a Good Thing

Financial Institutions: What to look for in 2017

This or That – The Real Deal Between a Flat Rate and Everybody Else

5 Ways to Maximize Your Holiday Profits


Preventing Point-of-Sale Attacks

Proud to be Powered by CardConnect

MasterCard's 2016 $7.50 Location Fee

Don’t Get Spooked by These New Fees

5 Smart Financial Priorities for SMBs

Why you love to hate your credit card processor

Payment Processing: Highly Regulated and Constantly Changing

Security Showdown EMV vs. P2PE vs. Tokenization

FACD's 'Clear For Take Off'

Your Guide to EHR Incentive Payouts

Invest in the Patient Connection

The Power of Making Check-Up Calls to Book New Appointments

Upselling services seals the deal!

The Doc Debt Dilemma

Forward Booked Appointments Account for Additional Revenue

3 Simple Strategies to Reduce Customer Complaints and Chargebacks

Financial Fraud in 2016

'Card on File' Could Be the Key to Collecting

The Truth About Transaction Laundering

Q&A with Christian – Tech Support 101 With Our In-House Pro

EMV Update - Security Growing Pains in 2016

Credit Card Processing Transparency – Hiding Bad News in Plain Sight

Make Your PC Your POS with Online Payment Processing


Decode Your Back Office Blunders – Streamline Your EBPP Process

Working Capital Loans Built for SMBs

10 Credit Card Processing Facts SMBs Need to Know

How To Conquer Collections and Cash Float Issues

Give Customers Something to BUZZ About

How To Influence Consumers in Under 5 Minutes

Don’t Be Cheap with Your Brand

hiring effective marketers for your biz

A Note From Our Managing Partner

Pick a Payment Processor You Can Count On

Reading Your Payment Processing Statement 101

IT'S A WRAP! taking a bite out of DENTAL PAYMENT PROCESSING In 2016

5 Tips to Lower Your Merchant Services Overhead


Accept Amex at the Same Cost and Get So Much More

#GOTCHIPPED? protecting your business from fraud liability

The Singular Guarantee

Avoiding merchant services scams

Decoding Payment Processing Lingo

One Customized Flat Rate Seeking One Small to Medium-Sized Business

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