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All Aboard – Batch Onboarding in the Payment Facilitator Model

Posted by Ben Kauder on Jul 12, 2017 5:02:00 AM
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Step_6.pngPayment facilitation was created to remove the friction of having a one-by-one onboarding process so that a bulk group of merchants who use a common software platform can be quickly and easily boarded to a processing platform. As a payment facilitator, Singular Payments’ Payfac in a Box™ solution does just that. When your software has hundreds or thousands of user/merchants to board onto a payments platform, it can be a very time-consuming and painful process without automation. Using our APIs, we can quickly and efficiently onboard thousands of merchants at a time through our complete payment facilitator interface. Through our API your sub merchants are onboarded and ready to process instantly once they click ACCEPT on the Terms and Conditions documents which will be emailed to them. We also have a team of in-house expert sales and customer support specialists to assist any merchants by phone who need extra help understanding the Terms and Conditions and accepting them to start processing. We know through working with developers that onboarding and getting merchants up and processing is the biggest stumbling block to any successful integration, so our solution includes a batch onboarding interface along with a customized customer service experience to ensure an A-rated experience across the board.

The other major benefit of using us as your payment facilitator is that everything is hosted on your site through a secure iFrame, so there is no interaction with us or our branding, and the customer experience remains within your platform and under your control. This ensures that your investment in time and energy to work with us to create a custom payments integration will be worth it. After all, adopting a payments integration into your software and more importantly ensuring mass adoption is a major new revenue stream, and we know you want to get it going as soon as possible.  


With the payfac model, you can enable an API for contracting and onboarding your customers for payment acceptance at the same time you are configuring your software for them. This is built into our 7-step integration process and will be part of your original Scope of Work (SOW) documentation. And again, our API allows you to configure this payment enablement inside your unique workflow.


  • Less customer friction – easily onboard thousands of merchants at a time with a simple ‘Click to Accept’ process via email
  • Reduce your regulatory risk because the underwriting as well as ongoing fraud and transaction monitoring is handled through our payfac API
  • Ensures a smoother transition and that your hard work implementing the payment integration into the software will get full user adoption quickly


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