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Practice Management System Integrations R Us

Posted by Vaden Landers on Jun 21, 2018 10:23:14 AM

Thank you for being a valued partner of Singular Payments. Did you know that in addition to providing access to payment services through a point-of-sale device or virtual terminal, Singular also works with software companies in the healthcare space to embed our payment offerings into their back-office system? Processing payments in an integrated environment offers many potential benefits that may enhance the value of your flat rate merchant account with Singular. If you’d like to know whether a payment integration to Singular is available through your practice management system, tell us about your provider and we’ll investigate and report back to you promptly. Simply FILL OUT THE FORM on this page and tell us a little bit about your Practice Management software and we’ll take it from there!

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A Note From Our Managing Partner

Posted by Vaden Landers on Feb 24, 2016 10:02:17 AM

Dear Valued Partner: As an entrepreneur now involved in my third company as either a founder or investor, and having spent nearly 30 years in the payments industry, I certainly respect and appreciate the fact that business is won and lost every day. I take great pride in each new account we sign, and am grateful for the trust and confidence demonstrated by the business owners and operators who have selected Singular Payments for their payment processing needs.  The thing that keeps me awake at night are not the victory’s we enjoy as an organization, but the clients who we are not able to retain for whatever reason, and while I am a realist with no expectation that we will never lose an account, I take it personally when I read cancellation requests from clients – not because I think these folks have something against me as an individual, but because (rightly or wrongly) I feel like I have failed them. Failed to meet their expectations, failed to provide the products, services or savings they thought they would receive when they originally signed up with us. Ultimately, all these things mean that we have really failed to build a relationship that establishes Singular Payments as an indispensable business partner for each client we have the privilege of serving. 

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