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Speed Up Chargeback Disputes with These Tips

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Mar 7, 2018 7:47:10 AM
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chargebacks.pngAccepting credit cards means every merchant, everywhere will have to deal with and dispute chargebacks at some point. This can be a costly and time-consuming process if you don’t know how to navigate these waters. Here at Singular Payments, we try to give you tools to make dealing with chargebacks as simple as possible. Recently, Visa made changes to their dispute resolution process. Effective April 15, 2018, your deadline to respond to a dispute notification will be reduced from 45 days to 30 days. So, the tips we are about to share are even more important!

There is a website you can sign up for that will send you email alerts every time a chargeback is issued by the bank. Then you can log in and upload any supporting documentation to dispute the chargeback. This process only takes 24-hours to get the documentation in the hands of the dispute resolution team vs. calling into the chargeback number it can take 3-5 business days when providing documentation by fax.

If you do need to call the chargeback number, it is 800-672-5007. When calling in you must provide your merchant ID or case number and be able to give them your business name and full address for account verification. Depending on the reason for the chargeback, and once you respond with documentation to dispute, it can take anywhere from 2-5 days to get the chargeback team on the case.  The chargeback team acts as the middleman between you and the bank. Their job is to tell you what the bank wants regarding documentation to decide on a chargeback. Resolving a chargeback can take a week or several months. Some credit card companies – AMEX and Discover in particular, handle their own chargebacks because they are their own banks, so they have no set timeframe to resolve.

And here are some simple ways to avoid chargebacks from the start.  First off, keep documentation like receipts, order confirmations, email communications between customers, etc. Especially when accepting a card over the phone for a delivered item.  We recommend that you have the cardholder fax or email a copy of their driver’s license for additional verification before running a card over the phone. And always collect/capture the CVV number when taking card not present transactions. These simple tips will help you stay away from the chargeback world altogether.

As always, if you are confused or stuck during the process give our support team a call at 877-829-2170, and we will do our best to assist you.

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