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Cut the Paper - Keep the Cash

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Jun 21, 2017 8:09:20 AM
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Free money. That’s what everyone is dreaming of right? The ability to add a revenue stream to their business without any extra hassle, expense or risk. Well, the easiest way for ISVs or software developers to do just that is by integrating a payments platform like our Payfac in a Box™ solution. Not only can merchants process electronic payments through the solution but you can use our APIs from the Singular BillPAY side of the platform to also integrate their bill presentment and payment operations from customers into it, therefore saving them time and money on no longer mailing invoices or chasing down past due accounts. It’s a major win-win for you, the software company and your merchant users. And of course, the best part of the software platform is that they get a revenue share on all the transactions processed! We make payments software integrations easy. Read on to learn more. 

SP_bloggraphic.jpgWith e-invoicing, the cost to process a single invoice is 81% lower than the competition, and the average time to process a single invoice is 77% faster, according to “State of ePayables 2016: Eyes on the Prize” research study. Pair that kind of agility and savings for businesses with the fact that ¼ of companies in a recent survey by the Institute of Finance and Management found that 17% claim a lack of financial funding, and 12% claim they have limited IT resources to tackle the payments automation problem. So, if your software solution/management system becomes the end-all solution you’ve solved both their problems; which means your software is that much more valuable to your users making them the stickiest customer around. Your customers would be happy and completely dependent on you for not only day-to-day operational management through your software system but also for their entire financial billing/collections process as well.

The bottom line is that the right end-to-end payables automation solution can deliver a positive ROI in the first year. Our easy-to-implement suite of APIs can be pieced together quickly to create the perfect custom solution for your system. Learn more about Payfac in a Box™ or check out our APIs now.

Payfac in a Box™ is the ‘set it and forget it’ cloud-based end-to-end payments solution you’ve been looking for. Not only is it fast and easy to implement, but our Payfac in a Box offering allows for bulk frictionless onboarding of merchants – they just click an accept button, and they are live and ready to process. There are no separate 40+page long applications, background checks, two week waiting period for a VAR sheet to go live or other hassles involved. With Payfac in a Box™ you’re generating revenue share off of every transaction from day one.

With our custom payments integrations we handle:

  • All the setup/on-boarding and on-going merchant support 
  • Security issues and maintain PCI-DSS compliance for merchants 

We have established relationships with backend platforms so we can pass on the best flat rate to your merchant users and offer you (the developer) a generous profit share. We do the work; you collect the check. It's that simple. 

Electronic invoicing and accepting electronic payments seamlessly together can provide businesses with 100% visibility into cash flow and 100% spending control. This is the magic combination that makes our integrated payments solution and automation the simplest, most scalable, easiest option out there. If you are a mid-market or Enterprise Software developer with hundreds or thousands of clients, you’re in the right spot. Learn more about partnering with us today.

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