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Simplicity & Security – In a Box

Posted by Ben Kauder on Aug 23, 2017, 8:20:31 AM
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Payfac_secures_graphic.jpgSecurity is very important; therefore, you should ask questions when considering a payments integration technology partner.

Who you select to work with to integrate electronic payments into your software and the people you employ to execute on this initiative will directly affect:

  • Your customer's data
  • Your brand
  • Your systems/network
  • Your process and people
  • Your tools

Our payment facilitator API, lovingly named Payfac in a Box™, is delivered through an iFrame that keeps card data and transaction details out of your website, software, and hosting environment, so there is nothing PCI sensitive passing through your or your merchants’ environment. Therefore, entirely removing you and your merchants from the risk of accepting electronic payments.

Our payfac APIs also employ tokenization which allows you to store a value that represents the card number/expiration for recurring payments to be able to happen again without card numbers, expiration dates and other PCI associated data entering into your software, databases, or network.

Safety, plus time and cost-efficient payment scheduling allows your back-office staffers to spend much less time every month on billing or invoicing customers for outstanding balances.  

Payfac in a Box™ offers the ability to have your network scanned for vulnerability points where hackers may be looking to break in and steal data out of your network. We also offer an annual questionnaire, that is an important check-in on your people and processes, to ensure best practices are being used to protect your customers’ payment data and your brand.

Our approach is to simplify how you can use these policies, procedures and technology so you can focus on delivering the best service possible to your customers and not have to worry about the complex security related issues that can really damage your brand if you do not have the right partner who knows what they are doing and cares about protecting you and the reputation of your software/services.

To learn more about how to interface, leverage these capabilities, or for questions, feel free to reach out to Ben Kauder, CPO/CSO or 877-829-2170 option 4. 

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