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Q&A with Christian – Tech Support 101 With Our In-House Pro

Posted by Danielle Lafontaine on Jun 15, 2016 4:00:00 AM
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Christian_techsupportblog-921318-edited.jpgOn the front lines for us every day is our in-house technical support guru Christian Yancey whom many of you have spoken to from time to time. With a friendly smile and clever wit Christian does his best to answer your questions and troubleshoot your issues by phone and email and we thought it would be fun to pick his brain for the top questions he gets asked by you, our loyal savvy savers, and compile them here so you can use this as your cheat sheet later. Customer service is a top priority here at Singular Payments and we value your feedback! Share your feedback with us and let us know how we’re doing to serve your business via this Quick Survey.

Question: The time changed (Daylight Savings) so how do I updated the time on the terminal and for my printed receipts?

Christian: “So every model of terminal has a different way of getting to that date/time setting. Generally, you go under the Settings of the terminal and there will be a date/time option. It will always be in military format.”

Question: Why do I have to accept chip (EMV) credit/debit cards? They slow down the checkout process!

Christian: “Simply speaking security. Security for you the merchant and security for us the processor and for the customer to protect their card data. Previously when running cards you were transmitting all the card data from your terminal, over the internet/phone line, to the bank. In cases of hacking or situations like what happened at Target, a lot of card numbers can be stolen. With chip card technology you don’t transmit the card number anymore, you only transmit a token that represents that specific charge and that specific amount. Customer data is always protected this way.”

Question: When are chip card with a pin number going to be the standard across credit cards and not just debit cards?

Christian: “Currently there are very few chip and pin required cards deployed in the market to customers. The chip and pin is being rolled out as the chip card program becomes more and more familiar in the United States. As the technology advances and becomes more natural for consumers the pin number will be issued or requested by the banks in order to add that extra layer of security on all types of chip cards.”

Question: How do I find out what my PCI compliance renewal date is?

Christian: “We work with a PCI compliance company called TrustWave so the easiest way to find out your PCI status and renewal date is to send them an email or call at 877-257-0239 and provide them with your Merchant ID to find out. We are working here at Singular to automate annual renewal notices and will hopefully have that system in place soon.”

Question: What am I held liable for as the merchant without a EMV/chip ready terminal?

Christian: “Without accepting the chip cards there are two things that may come up. If you process a stolen card (without knowing) you are held liable for those charges instead of the card processor, bank or customer. In the case of a chargeback where a customer disputes a charge you made, even if you have all the documentation to prove it was a legitimate charge, the customer signed for it and everything, if it was not run with the chip then you are held liable for that type of transaction as well. A chargeback by itself, not including if you win or lose, is $35 plus the cost of the sale price. That can add up quickly so it’s fiscally smarter to just upgrade. The credit card companies categorize these types of transactions under the umbrella of ‘fraud’ and do not accept responsibility for them if the merchant processing the payment doesn’t have an EMV capable machine. Change is hard, new terminals can mean new challenges at first but it can also mean new features and capabilities you didn’t have before. My question to you (merchant) is how many chargebacks is it worth for you to get the new terminal that we sell for $249?

Question: Does my gateway or terminal integrate into my ______ software platform?

Christian: “Singular Payments has the ability to openly integrate into any and all software. However, it is up to the discretion of the software to work with us to open up their API for us to integrate into. Most software has proprietary relationships that link them with a specific processor that in the end costs you more money. They do this because you get the ‘luxury’ of having processing and software built into one so they use that as a way to increase your pricing and sell on the total ‘value’ of the bundle. Some companies call this stickiness which is to increase your dependency on their services.”

Christian is available M-F 8:30-5:30 EST at 877-829-7255 ext. 7002 or by email at And if you don’t get him right away leave a message and he will get back to you right away!  

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